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About Gho$t Productionz

John J. Shelton III, otherwise known as Gho$t Productionz, is one of the most dedicated individuals in the music industry.  Gho$t Productionz is a musician that supports the awareness of cancer.

    At the age of 7, the father of Gho$t Productionz became ill due to a form of pancreatic cancer, claiming the life of John J. Shelton Jr. This was a very sad time and a different outlook of the future growing up without a father figure. Cancer comes in all forms and we wish the cure came with it as we dive deep to discover one that will help out patients instead of the hazardous consumption of chemotherapy and overpriced medication.

  Music has always been the passion of Gho$t Productionz , but the passion to help others overpowered as the idea to create this company was founded. Music has a healing source that can soothe any situation, making the road easier to cross against different obstacles and barriers that come our way. Music is powerful and it has the biggest influence within the heart.

    There are 1 in every 4 deaths caused by cancer, with the statistics reaching 1,665,540 new cancer cases and 585,720 deaths that will occur in 2014. This is a serious illness that has claimed too many lives of loved ones, which is why Gho$t Productionz is taking a stand.  Join Gho$t Productionz in the fight against cancer.


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